Sales and Operation Planning

For many business there are untouched opportunities to be captured through focusing on developing effective and efficient Sales & Operation planning practices.

The Client Change  Rationale

The CEO is under a lot of pressure whereas his key customer chains have put his company on the short list of the worst performing companies in terms of not delivering orders on time. Regular threats from customers occur to stop doing business with the company. Sales management experiences on a frequent basis serious complaints from unsatisfied customers. The company is on the short-list of many customers and rated as one of the ten worst companies in delivery performances. Senior management spends large part of their time to overcome crises in supply and demand by monitoring priorities in being short of supply. A build-in finger pointing conflict between departments has developed; sales, marketing, procurement, production, distribution, warehouses and finance. If this situation continues like this then the company could rapidly loose large sales and market share.

Content Vision

Effective sales and operations planning is one of the core hallmarks in business and the underlying foundation to build competitive advantages bringing together in one unified plan the best schemes of sales, services, marketing, finance and operations.

S&OP Definition: Sales and operations planning is the scheme that produces the best possible results, by leveraging best practices of; sales, marketing, procurement, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing and finance, to benefit the consumers, the customers and the enterprise to its best. The best planning schemes focuses on continuous improvements in creating value-added and stronger organizational readiness of a company.

Our Work

Help the Company through a systematic approach to effectively and efficiently manage the entire value chain generating faultless product availability, flexibility and quality at the lowest cost proposition.

TPC-Consulting Core Modules and Content

  • Rethink the business model (S&OP view)
  • Focuses to create competitive advantages
  • From bottom up planning structure
  • System calibration
  • Continuous improvement focuses


The company is considered one of the best service performer in the market and out of stock rarely occurs. The company operates under a single unified planning system that focuses on driving competitive advantages through planning excellence detail. The system focuses on continuous improvements and value creation by eliminating destroy of values out from the system. The daily, weekly and monthly sales is monitored and tracked to reality on continuous basis to manage all the upcoming changes in the process before they could become a critical problem.

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