Effective Market Activation is Totally Integrated

Market and Sales Activation

People are large creators of activating brands by telling their own experiences on the internet. It is not possible anymore to trigger the consumers solely through sending massive marketing messages. The “word of experience” feedback comes back as a boomerang.

Development of solid marketing strategy is a transparent plan and view for how the brands and services  are going to be executed and presented in the market place. The marketing plans are activated through creative communication and execution of the brand values with the objective to drive long-term profitable growth.

Market and sales activation outlines how the company is going to market its brands. This outlines strategic marketing and operational marketing strategies and includes what, where, how, when and how much the company is going to spend on marketing. The market and sales activation plan should not necessarily be explaining the reasons behind why the company decides to go to market in a particular way. The reasons for not going to the detail are many and one is that this can create debates and employees will require explanations and also the insight discoveries and new brand positioning are generally strictly confidential.

When building the marketing plan consumer information must be in centre of the planning and the plan must be fully integrated, otherwise it is likely the campaign will not succeed. The marketing message and the brand experience must reflect “unique, different and special”. Furthermore, it is crucial to reflect “unique, different and special” at the point-of-purchase where the consumer interacts with the brand and makes the decision to buy or pass the buying.

Integrated market activation is the plan that facilitates and puts strategic marketing and operational marketing to execution and can be named “Attract the desired attention” strategies.

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