Is the Shopper Eager to Come Back?

The Shopping Experience

You do not have a second change to make the first impression – if the shoppers observe bad shopping experience they will not come back.

The shopping environment has evolved over time parallel with people’s lives have changed. Shopping habits, consumer needs profile and the store mission statement should reflect store structure.

The globally operated chains have become successful through better satisfying the consumers corresponding in increased shopping traffic, sales revenues and profits. The international companies have grown rapidly through globalization and they will continue to grow stronger on a global scale! Thanks to their proactive consumer focus that will continue to create and fulfill the ever changing needs of the consumers. The global companies shape the day in the lives of real people, shape the local price levels and shape the communities where a new international chain opens. The international companies have gained huge competitive advantages by systematically listening to their consumers and leverage that learning to build better shopping experiences.

The Power of Well Groomed Store Mission

In every market the competitors are in distance just around the corner. Why should the consumers pass competitors stores to shop at your store? The store mission statement describes the focus in what terms a store is unique, special and how it differentiates from the competitors stores. The mission statement helps drive the store traffic and bounds the consumers to shop at a particular store over and over again. The mission statement itself helps to develop internal organizational understanding to drive and improve long-term business performance.

Describe the Shopping Experience

How can a consumer experience be described when shopping at a store? The shopping experience story-board is a tool that can help draw attention to the key shopping experiences and point out the different and special values the store has to offer. The story-board helps to understand stores core values and what differentiates them from the competitors?

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