Uncover New “ah-ha” Discoveries and Trends

Consumer Insight

Consumer/user insight information helps to unlock new breakthrough sales opportunities through new “ah-ha” discoveries.

The objective is to take advantages of detailed information about the consumers with the objective to unlock new business opportunities through brand innovation and market activation.

Consumer insight requires understanding every touch point the consumer/end user interacts with the brand products. The “ah-ha” discoveries can best be captured through a systematic consumer insight analysis focusing on improving the offer through; brand innovation, look-of-success, service systems excellence and brand penetration. To unlock new business opportunities requires departmental collaboration between sales, marketing, operations and finance.

Consumer insight is about mapping the consumer values, motivations, believes, behavior, trends, needs and wants that differentiate and are relevant and could impact growth of company brand, products and services. The objective is to understand the needs and trends, unlock them and turn them into breakthrough sales opportunities.

Brand innovations can be on various scales. Prior to improving the brand values Marketers must fully understand the brand perceived values and the brand position. Brand innovation and brand positioning must remain consistent over time. Large out of the blue brand position changes will create confusion and can destroy the brand values and could lead to slash in revenues.

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