Activate the Shoppers at the Point-of-Purchase!

Sales Activation

In-outlet execution standards and service guidelines are the foundations for company’s long-term success. The focuses are to design and develop marketing schemes that increase consumer traffic and frequency and influence the shoppers, at the point-of-purchase, to visit more often and purchase in more quantity and at higher prices.

Operational marketing is founded on the physical execution phenomenon´s where the consumers and shoppers interact with the brand product and services at the point-of-purchase – at the “point” where the company revenues are generated!

There exist two road paths to activate sales at the point-of-purchase, they are:

I. Design and Develop Look-of-Success
II. The Sales and Services Systems

The Look-of-Success is a “Winner” Guideline

Design and Develop Look-of-Success

The point-of-purchase is the place where the consumer interacts with the brand product and makes a decision to buy or pass buy.

The look-of-success embraces for example understanding shoppers’ traffic flow through an outlet upon discovering where the brand products and/or categories could optimally be placed – to drive traffic, revenues, profits, image, impulse purchases and consumer satisfaction.

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The Revenues are Generated at The Point-of-Purchase

The Sales and Services System

Building the most advantageous sales and services systems from a white paper approach is a dynamic task which deals with many variables and inputs that must be taken into evaluation and planning. Outlets that have full control over the point-of-purchase versus companies selling to retail outlets have different services system designs.

The service systems design embraces, who is doing what? How much time will it take, and how often it should be done? One must determine, who maintains the look-of-success standards in the outlet? How are the order generated? Who is merchandising the outlets? Who delivers the products to customers and consumers? Who takes care of after sales services? And so on.

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