The Foundation to Engender Sales and Finance Strengths

Operations Execution

The subject matter is to develop best-in-class operation practices of; sales, marketing, procurement, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing and finances to benefit the consumers, the customers and the enterprise to its best.

Increased operations strengths through establishment of flawless execution control, helps drive competitive advantages. It is essential to be familiar with how continual improved operations strengths can lower costs, and strengthen the underlying foundations to drive profitability. Moreover, building operations strengths increases directly and indirectly flexibility, service strengths, sales and profits and execution controls resulting in generation of competitive advantages – beyond what the competitors can offer.

The Foundation for Driving Winning Culture of a Company

Sales & Operations Planning

Effective sales and operations planning is one of the core hallmarks in business and the underlying foundation to build competitive advantages bringing together in one unified plan the best schemes of sales, services, marketing, finance and operations.

Enormous opportunities lie in exploring the operations function. Principally, sales and operations planning leverages production, procurement, transporting and warehousing business units to make a point of difference in creating competitive advantages. The purpose is to drive optimal long-term business performance of a company aligned with the company vision, mission and values.

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Role of a Warehouse: Inbound, Storage & Handling and Outbound

Warehouse Management

Effective warehouse management requires great understanding and implementation of best-in-class practices aiming to constantly improve product quality, services accuracy and operating at the lowest cost proposition.

The fundamental role of a warehouse is to sustain product values and product quality whilst stored and handled in the warehouse. The trend of a warehouse operation is that companies do not want to operate with more number of warehouses than those absolutely required. Cross-docks, swap-body’s and fast flow systems have taken over the typical role of smaller warehouses. This trend is due to the fact that operating warehouses and keeping inventory is considered destroying of values. On the other hand, operating a warehouse is a trade-off between cost and value added.

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Production is Generally the Second Largest Cost Element

Production Management

The best production management practices incorporate effective procedures, standards and guidelines, training and coaching, continuous improvement programs and effective performance measurement system that tracks actual performances against targets and goals.

Capacity utilization in production is the key cost driver and the objective must at all times be to maximize the actual production efficiencies – by reaching the targeted maximum theoretical efficiency standard. The theoretical production efficiency standard is the optimum reachable efficiency standard through the total time when production should be running – creating values. OEE stands for “Overall Equipment Effectiveness” and measures how effectively and efficiently operation utilizes its assets and recourses compared against theoretical outcome standard. The variance between the theoretical outcome and actual outcome are losses which are considered opportunities for improvements.

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Procurement is Generally the Largest Cost Element

Procurement Management

Strengthening the procurement function generally generates outstanding business results by means of operating with faster response time, at less cost, at higher quality and at less risk than the competitors.

Procurement is the underlying foundation driving the strength and flexibility of a company to make a point of difference in creating sustainable competitive advantages.

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