The Books 3Cores in Business


The 3Cores In Business is an instrument to view and plan business from best-in-class perspectives acquiring concrete ideas for how to grow business profitability – over the long term.

Used together, makes it possible to build optimal strengths & balance of the 3Cores in Business – leaving the competitors far behind in the competitive business journey.

The 3Cores in business has a very systematic structure and encompasses the whole commercial and operations business environment, through a well-thought-out process. The approach is “bottom up”, with an emphasis on consumer information as a focal point and challenging status quo towards creating continuous values. The chapters under each part aim to build optimal strengths of each 3Core hallmark.

The 3Cores in business consists of three book series, their names are:

Book No. 1 Business Innovation

 The main subject matter is that, breakthrough innovations aimed to improve the brand sales and service offer will capture, create and fulfill more consumer needs through increased consumer satisfaction – above the competitors.

Rethink Your Business Model; aims to create competitive advantages by exposing the best-in-class business concepts and strategies then transform them into business reality through innovation. Strategic Marketing; is aimed to unlock new breakthrough sales opportunities through brand innovation and marketing concepts founded on consumer insight need information.

The book “Business Innovation” was written with the purpose of being a practical guidance for, chief executives, entrepreneur, business owners and managers of organizations who want to view and strengthen their business outcome through use of new best-in-class perspectives.

Book No. 2 Sales Activation

 In-outlet execution standards and service guidelines are the foundations for company’s long-term success. The focuses are to design and develop marketing schemes that increase consumer traffic and frequency and influence the shoppers at the point-of-purchase to visit more often and purchase in more quantity and at higher prices.

The book “Sales Activation” was written for marketers, sales and services individuals, by providing them with new thinking and breakthrough concepts, emphasizing the aspects of best in class marketing, sales and services theories that can be put into real practice. This book was also written for store owners and store management staff interested in focusing at the point-of-purchase to increase store traffic, sales, profits and consumer/shopper satisfaction.

Book No. 3 Operations Execution

 The subject matter is to develop best-in-class operation practices of; sales, marketing, procurement, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing and finances to benefit the consumers, the customers and the enterprise to its best.

The book “Operations Execution” was written for operations managers, logistics managers, production managers, warehouse managers, procurement staff, dispatchers and sales and operation planners that want to increase efficiencies and effectiveness of their company’s marketing, sales, services and operations systems.

And finally all the three books are as well written for the higher education levels and business schools that focus on business model design to strengthen the sales, marketing and operations disciplines.

The 3Cores in Business is an instrument

The 3Cores series was initially written as one seamless book demonstrating a totally integrated disciplines for a business as a whole. For practical reasons at later stages it was determined to introduce the 3Core in Business concept as three book series.

The three books encourage chief executives and business managers to create competitive advantages by leveraging their organizational system strengths to persistently focus on innovation of their brand and services offers – above the competitors offer.

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