How Ready is Your Organization to Change?

Organizational Readiness

We support clients in developing organizational capabilities through training, understanding and development of transformational master plan.

Organizational readiness assessment; can be defined as an analyzing process to assess the organizational readiness strengths. It reveals how competitive the organizational readiness is to unlock new business opportunities through breakthrough innovations fostered by transformational changes that effectively capture, create and fulfill values, better than the competitors.

The organizational readiness must be developed in right strength & balance and the core matters to assess are outlined as follows:

· Vision, mission and values statement
· Develop organizational winning culture
· Develop organizational capabilities
· The financial capabilities and flexibilities

Rethink your business model and challenging status quo comes first because the business model reflects how the company is going to make its revenues and profits in its ongoing business journey.

Lead The Organization Towards Aspirational Direction

Vision, Mission and Values Statements

True vision, mission and values statements are the core foundations to build organizational winning cultures.

It is crucial for a company to identify itself and its purpose, to have common unified understanding where it wants to go – leveraging its brand values and organizational systems strengths as the foundation for the company to reach its desired destination. The information should help build a competitive winning culture that constantly focuses on creating more values for the consumers, customers and the enterprise.

The top level statements are generated on a long-term prospect timeframe, and consistent over time, and very informative and simple.

Vision, Mission and Values

· Company vision statement: A top level statement that communicates what the company presently is or wants to become in the nearest future.
· Mission statement: The mission statement highlights the core business-essence that is the hallmark and the foundations for a success of a business.
· Values statements: The value statements must be developed in optimal strengths & balance and rooted in what the company management believes is the most important hallmarks and focuses at each time in the ongoing business journey.

The characteristics of high performing companies are that the company’s vision, mission and values are well structured and very clear and consistent over time. Top level strategies are thoroughly defined, high level, inspirational, true and consistent.

Lead Sound Transformation

Develop Organizational Winning Culture

Culture, leadership and motivation influence how accordingly organizations transform themselves to create competitive advantages.

Organizational culture is defined as; the structure consisting of many intangible assets that must be well-balanced and can develop competitive advantages through effective changes and transformations. The intangible assets are quite powerful values and are founded on organizational behaviors, consumer in centre focus and motivation to constantly renew, plan and implement changes that create competitive advantages.

In spite of the fact that a well-built and balanced organizational culture can create huge competitive advantages, many companies generally do not focus on developing and balancing it, which results in weaker abilities to change.

Organizational Behavior

Competitiveness is very healthy and must be seen as a natural challenge to strengthen the business outcome over the long-term. With the right management leadership focus, balanced system and the right company culture, the business will be extremely competitive to drive its long-term revenues and profit levels.

Behavior is all about mind-sets! The right mind-set of the people involved is the most important. Mind-set is defined as how people set their minds to things! Every individual, team, organization and even countries have their own mind-sets and the key is to develop and adopt the right mind-set of the people within the organization.

A mind-set is a fixed way of how we set our mind to look at things:

Yes we can….
It is not possible.…

 It generally is much more effective to work with positive mind sets rather than high IQ individual denial mind sets. Experience has shown that hopeless mind-sets can be damaging, therefore to be successful find them and change them or not work with them.

Consumer in Centre Focus

The consumer is the driver in all changes and all changes eventually are implemented to add more values to the consumer experiences. By understanding the 3Core basics the objective is to take advantages of consumer insight information and turn them into new business opportunities. To build the right customer in centre focus it is crucial to exploit the 3Core business connection model: Business Innovation, (Rethink Your Business Model and Strategic marketing), Sales Activation and Operations Execution as the core principal foundations.


Entrepreneurial leaders must be equipped with a well structured framework of freedom to effectively manage, motivate and grow the business over the short- and long-term. The leader’s authority to hire people, approve capital investments and develop stronger organizational cultures must be clearly defined. This enables them, as required to make necessary changes, with speedy actions, in the current competitive environment. Leaders will leave the company if they are not provided with the empowerment and freedom to take immediate actions as required.

Develop Capabilities to Drive Competitive Advantages

Develop Organizational Capabilities

After assessing the current organizational capabilities there will be capability and skill gaps that must be filled.

Develop Organizational capabilities is to integrate people, processes, systems and tools, organizational structure, knowledge and metric systems that proactively manage the business through changes which create competitive advantages.

The service chain cannot be stronger than the weakest link. The question is how is it possible for the organization to become more competitive by means of developing organizational capabilities of; people, work processes, systems and tools, design of more effective organizational structure, knowledge and metric system.


They are the most important asset in the whole process, only they can make a change happen.

Work processes, systems and tools

The organization must focus on the core activities and if non-core line activities draw to much resource they should be eliminated.

Organizational structure

To cultivate clear “customer in centre” focus the organizational structure should consist of few organizational layers helping to achieve easy access to the top management levels.

Knowledge and understanding

Consumer information is ultimately the driver of all changes.

Metric system

If you do not measure it you cannot manage and improve it! The employees must to be equipped with clear, realistic and high level business targets.

Developing organizational capabilities is to strengthen the ability to facilitate a change that creates competitive advantages.

Financial Strength Drives Flexibility

The Financial Capabilities and Flexibilities

Every organization needs adequate capital to invest in new business opportunities.

The short-term and long-term economic values of each opportunity will help establish priorities. It is crucial to understand the current free cash-flows and liquid assets flexibilities that can be used for capital investments.

Positive cash flow management can be monitored by focusing on getting the most out of the following factors:

· The size of the company’s current free cash flows.
· Freeing up liquid assets possibilities.
· Ease of cash borrowing alternatives.
· Well-planned control of account payables and account receivables.
· Encouraging programs designed by management to generate more cash flows i.e. through lower capital investment in inventories.

Companies with large free cash flows are in stronger position to go through acquisitions and mergers. The free cash flow available increases flexibility and lowers the risk. In other words, cash rich companies are open for new investments, more flexible and capable of taking higher investments risks.

is to integrate people, processes, systems and tools, organizational structure, knowledge and metric systems that proactively manage the business through changes which create competitive advantages.

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