The 3Cores in business concept encompasses the whole commercial and operations business environment through a well thought out process.

The book Business Innovation embraces the importance of “strategic thinking” to create continuous values, above the competitors. However, the other two books Sales Activation and Operations Execution describe the physical executions and the transformations that must take place to operate under best-in-class, sales, services, and operations practices. Used together, makes it possible to build optimal strengths & balance of the 3Cores in Business –leaving the competitors behind in the competitive business journey.

Business Innovation

Breakthrough Innovations to Improve the sales and services offer

The main subject matter is that, breakthrough innovations aimed to improve the brand sales and service offer will capture, create and fulfill more consumer needs through increased consumer satisfaction –above the competitors.

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Sales and Services Activation

Create needs and fulfill demands at the point-of-purchase

In-outlet execution standards and service guidelines are the foundations for company’s long-term success. The focuses are to design and develop marketing schemes that increase consumer traffic and frequency and influence the shoppers, at the point-of-purchase, to visit more often and purchase in more quantity and at higher prices.

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Operations Execution

Operations excellence is the foundation to build competitive advantages

The subject matter is to develop best-in-class operation practices of; sales, marketing, procurement, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing and finances to benefit the consumers, the customers and the enterprise to its best.

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