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Using the 3Cores In Business books together makes it possible to build optimal strengths & balance of a particular business – leaving the competitors behind in the competitive business journey.

To develop a stronger business there must be constant focus on innovative methods that create clear competitive advantages, above the competitors offer. The characteristic of market leader companies is they operate with a clear vision, mission and values statements. The shared understanding for how to capture values is fostered deep down into their organization. The market leader knows where they currently are at. They know their competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and they know that right focus and expertise in personnel are their most important assets. To sustain long-term profitable growth the market leading company constantly focuses on the core essence in their ongoing journey. That is; exceed customer expectations by means of creating competitive advantages through the brand product offer, above the competitors offer. The market leader has formalized approach to understand what lies ahead in terms of new consumer needs and trends. Through revitalized consumer information gathering they can predict what the future will look like enabling them to innovate their brand offer to better fulfill new consumer needs. The market leader knows to what degree their organizational readiness is capable of changing when effectively capitalizing on new business opportunities. The market leader knows why they are here for and they know what is required of them to reach their destination. The market leader takes immediate action and attacks, enabling them to be on right track with clear, realistic business targets and goals. Customer expectations are openly defined and service standards and guidelines are in place demonstrating to the sales force what is considered a “success” when servicing the respectable consumers. Marketing, sales and services, finance and operations work in collaboration – leveraging the organization systems strengths to benefit the consumers, the customers and the enterprise to its best through the brand product offer. The market leader company put’s the consumer in first place and they know consumer information is the driver in all changes.

The market leader focuses on the greatest opportunities to drive short-term and long-term profitable growth of their company through the use of simple theories, design in strategic plans and effective implementation of changes. Strongly built and balanced organization create competitive advantages by proactively executing the key focus tasks, which have the greatest potential to drive long-term profitable growths of a company – ahead of the competitors. To engage in becoming a market leader is a major task to undertake and it requires; entrepreneurs, detail consumer and business understanding, innovation, a lot of work, great focus, investment, proactive planning and great organizational readiness capabilities.

To drive competitive advantages the current business environment must be strengthened through simplification, better structure design and development of stronger value creation focus.

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