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Strong focus on continual Brand & Business Innovation is the core to drive sustainable long term growth of a business and only then Sales Activation can be executed with the greatest results.

Strong brands will help Sales Activation to its best in increasing revenue, profit and competitive advantages. One must understand that for Sales Activation to work one must have your brand products with great brand powers making the shoppers interested to visit your store over and over again –else it will be difficult to activate sustainable long-term sales for a store. This means that you can set up the greatest Sales Activation programs and services systems, but it will not work if your brands are not of interest to the customers.

All thinking starts by putting the customer in center of the planning. We must know how they live to uncover the shopper profile: Who are the shoppers? Where do they come from? Do they come by car, public transport or bicycle or by foot?

All thinking begins and ends with exploiting the customer needs and desire information. This begins by mapping the target focus groups daily behavior or what we call day in a life to understand how they interact with company brand products aiming to turn the information into business opportunities.

Understanding people behaviors; how, when and why they interact with the brand product is the foundation for success. We must study the day in the life of the targeted focus groups to understand how people spend time on activities during the middle of week and also the weekend. This is done to understand how the target focus group interacts with the company’s brand offer through daily needs and wants behind buying the brand products.

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