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We help our clients to build organizational capabilities to transform changes that deliver sustainable success, over the short- and long term. Our clients have proven to grow consistently and at faster pace than their competitors. Thus, we systematically study markets insights to understand how to execute the best-in-class approach to help our clients reach their targets, objectives and goals. Setting the system right there has been designed a solid knowledge process developed by TPC-Consulting, tested and proven to work effectively in the real market place. We generally work as an extension of our clients; sales, services, marketing and/or operations team which motivates organizational learning and reduces the time to transform.

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About us

Innovation is core to sustain growth. TPC-Consulting is a global management consulting company focusing on helping its clients to improve their business performances.

Every client is a unique organization and we must assist each one in developing a quality product. Managing every business successfully, it is vital to spot out the key issues and initiatives that have the greatest potential to drive profitable growth. Over time TPC-Consulting has designed and developed a systematic process that can be applied to almost all businesses situations depending on how each Company goes to market. We invest in best in class business understanding and focus on building proactive knowledge system rooted in consumer and customer insight information. Our effort is to add substantial values to our customers business through best in class thinking, breakthrough innovations, good business understanding, business knowledge, planning and focus.

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We Serve Various Industries

Our Industries

We have spent significant time to build expertise helping our clients to drive leading performances

TPC-Consulting has studied, designed and implemented sales, marketing services and operations systems in many of the largest markets in the world. TPC-Consulting work has spanned continents, from Western and Eastern Europe to Asia. The business industries studied and worked for are quite many and embrace for example; retail, hardware and wholesale, fashion, leisure and entertainment, food and health, bakery production, consumer electronics, technology, travel and tourism, B2B, technical services, production, beverages and several others to name few.

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We Are Successful If Our Client Becomes Successful

Our values

Customer and consumer information is the driver for all changes, we help turn information, facts and knowledge into breakthrough business opportunities

To deliver successful transformation and to secure long-term ownership, focus and culture then training is a crucial part of the whole process. We have exceeded our customer expectations if we work in joint partnership to transform value-added changes which eventually will be incorporated, fostered and sustained by the client organization over long-term period, after we have left. Thus, continual transformation of breakthrough changes is essential.

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We Have Excellent Track Record


Many of our clients rank among the 500 largest companies.

We drive our clients satisfaction if we exceed their expectations. TPC-Consulting philosophy is to provide its Clients with outstanding consulting services at a reasonable price. Satisfied clients will come back again and again, thus, we know we are successful if the client becomes successful. We grow our long-term business success by adding clear values to our clients business, helping them to become more effective and efficient servicing the ever changing needs of the consumers.

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Make a Successful Change

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Success in business is to continually innovate to capture, create and fulfill values better than the competitors, throughout the entire journey.

TPC-Consulting offers services within the whole value chain that include; rethink your business model, develop organizational capabilities, organizational structure design, value creation, consumer marketing, operational marketing and the operations processes through use of well defined systematic structure developed by TPC-Consulting.

We are a success driven consulting company and solely take on assignments where we firmly believe we can add value to our clients business.  We collaborate with our clients within all levels of their organization and within multiple business units and industries.

Further information regarding new assignments are provided upon request.

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