Improve Sales Through Focuses

The Sales and Services Systems

TPC-Consulting has studied, developed and implemented “Go to Market” sales, marketing and services systems in many of the largest markets in the world.

The rationale is to design the most effective and efficient services systems that support implementation and execution of the point-of-purchasing marketing, sales and services strategy.

The point-of-purchase is the place where the shopper interact with the brand product and makes a decision to buy or pass buy. To sustain sales requires designing and development of effective activation schemes fostered by the most effective and efficient sales and services systems, if one is to stay above the competitors in the ongoing business journey.

There exist five services functions that must be planned for, and they are:

· Account development
· Merchandising
· Order generation
· Delivery services
· Customer care

The service systems design embraces, every sales, marketing and service function;  who is doing what? How much time will it take, and how often it should be done? One must determine, who maintains the look-of-success standards in the outlet? How are the order generated? Who is merchandising the outlets? Who delivers the products to customers and consumers? Who takes care of after sales services? And so on.

Maintain The Outlet to Standard

Account Development

The Outlet Must be developed and Innovated on a continual basis driven by consumer and shopper Insight Information.

The account development function is the most important service function, responsible for guaranteeing ongoing execution and maintaining of the look-of-success standards at all times by leveraging the other services functions capabilities.

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Drive Sales Through Order Generation Focuses

Order Generation

The order generation process requires effective planning whereas it is the moment when the shopper determines what to buy and what not to buy.

Order generation function is generating the customer sales order according to pre-set guidelines and recommendations.

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Effectively Replenished Displays and Shelfs Reflect “Successful Store”


One must secure that the store is flawlessly maintained according to the “Look-of-Success” standard.

The merchandising services function is responsible for filling in and replenishing shelves and racks, merchandising and performing in-outlet execution according to the look-of-success standard.

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Every Market Requires Designing a Tailored Distribution System

Delivery Services

Effective and efficient distribution management requires systematic planning approach.

The delivery services are responsible for the delivery of products to customers or consumers.

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Resolve Customer Requests on First Contact

Customer Care

Internal Service Level Agreements (SLA´s) help empower the customer care agents.

The Customer Care resolves all customer issues and requests systematically and professionally on first contact. One can create competitive advantages enabling the Customer and/or Shopper to have easy access to empowered Customer Care Agent that can generate fast resolutions to their requests by listening to the customer experiences.

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