The Store Design Drives Traffic, Revenue and Profit

Design and Develop Look-of-Success


Look-of-Success is designed and developed to pull the brand products out of the outlets by triggering shopper demand at the point-of-purchase.

Shopper Satisfaction Drives The Structure and Design

Define Look-of-Success

Every great business is built on exceeding consumer expectations at the point-of-purchase. Pre-defined outlet execution standards embrace with every touch point the consumers interact with the brand products.

It is a known secret, that the more visible and the more attractive presence you demonstrate your brand products at the point-of-purchase the more likely is that they will be bought over and over again. It does not matter if is a retail outlet, restaurant, hardware store, furniture store, a fashion store or any other type of outlet. The same principle applies everywhere. The better shopping experience that is provided the more likely is that satisfied consumers will come back over and over again.

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Satisfied Shoppers Will Visit Again and Again

The Shopping Experience

Smallest execution details affect revenues, profits and customer satisfaction and long-term success of a store.

The successful companies have the consumer in center of everything they do and they put investments, resources and structure behind innovations that constantly add more values to their consumer experiences. Leveraging shopping habits is fostered in building of proactive company culture where innovations are part of the employee’s day-to-day disciplines focusing on continuous improvements of the shopping experiences to increase the consumer satisfaction levels.

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Increase Traffic, Revenues, Profit and Customer Satisfaction

Category Management

Category management is a disciplined process that puts all the product items a store is selling, into a practical and manageable structure, to drive customer satisfaction and sustainable traffic, revenues and profit for a store.

Consumer lifestyles and needs have significantly changed over the past decade.  As a result the entire retail industry has evolved tremendously, through centralization and advantages in technology, distribution, product diversity and brand product innovation, resulting in improved shopping experiences. The retail store offers are presented with greater diversities than ever before. The product assortments and multiplicity offers can sometimes seem endless. The shopping dynamics are furthermore shifting from one stop shop programs, to “category killer schemes” where the focus is put on store concepts that present single or particular categories in stores, making it difficult for others to compete in these categories. Not recognizing new consumer need trends at initial stages and effectively fulfilling them through improved category offers can be costly.

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Develop Sales Capabilities and Skills Through Training

Market Development Manual

Without determining a look-of-success standard and guidelines for example in a handbook format the salespersons will determine for themselves what they believe success is!

The Market Development Handbook Demonstrates how a Company wants its brand products presented in the market place and it is also a tool for measuring sales and services performances.

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