Effective Customer Care Resolutions Drive Satisfaction

Customer Care

The single most important service value is when customers have easy access to empowered service contact that can generate fast resolutions to their requests.

Systematic customer care is neglected by many companies.

Professional customer care is value-added services to maximize the lifetime value of the respective customers. Listening to the customers experience with the objective to leverage the systems strength and also to strengthening the service systems weaknesses through root causes analysis, creates competitive advantages. The customer information and understanding will positively increase customer satisfaction, lower cost and increase market shares.

Through processes standards and system integration the customer care resolves all customer issues and requests systematically and professionally on first contact. Effective customer care system training must take place to explain how the task will be professionally resolved to drive customer satisfaction – in collaboration with the departments.

Establish Centralized Customer Care System

Large businesses can create massive synergies by establishing centralized customer service center, operated for a whole country or market. The advantages of operating a centralized customer service center are many and for example enable the company to offer service specialization through centralization under one unified customer services approach. This means one unified National service focus to resolve customer issues where the motivation and training takes place in one room. The service specialization helps generate consistent information structure through development of flawless and well-planned internal processes aimed at driving customer satisfaction. A unified and transparent National measurement system can be established to understand customer satisfaction and company service performance measured on equal fair base for the whole country. Transparent approach enables the company to systematically listen to the customers experience and leverage the information by analyzing the root causes.

The best-in-class companies have created competitive advantages through establishment of professional customer service center and they achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction. These companies have systematically listened to their customers and consumers and right focus is put place to take all defects out of their sales and services systems – through root cause analysis. Their sales and service systems are operated more effectively and efficiently and at lower total cost – creating competitive advantages.

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