The 3Cores In Business Route Path Model

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Operating a business is an ongoing journey not a destination.

One sheet illustrating the 3Cores in Business Road-path

>The 3Cores in Business Route Path Model – One Page pdf>

Definition of the 3Core basics:

  1. Business Innovation. Rethink Your Business Model: The framework including set of principles and guidelines describing “the profit-center” of how the organization is going to operate and where its revenues and profits come from, in its ongoing journey. Strategic Marketing: Rooted in clear understanding of the market’s nature and effectiveness, the competitor’s competences, brand values and consumer insights. The objective is to unlock new breakthrough opportunities through innovation of the brand product and service offer – giving more people more reasons to buy, more often and at higher prices above the competitors. Moreover, take the marketing schemes through the most effective market activation programs.
  2. Sales Activation: Illustrating how the company wants its brand products and services to be presented at the point-of-purchase to drive traffic, revenues, profits and consumer satisfaction.
  3. Operation Execution: Continuous improvement to drive competitive advantages strengths of operations leveraging the best practices of; sales and operation planning, procurement, production, transportation and warehousing and system economics to benefit the consumer, the customer and the enterprise to its greatest possible potential.

The most effective approach to develop a stronger organization is focusing on the strength and balance of the 3Core basics through an integrated process and systematic methodology. After the 3Core values have been determined, mastered and balanced the whole organization works in collaboration executing the strategic plan that secures implementation and transformation of a change, at each time in the journey.


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