Warehouse Management

All warehouses will need to adjust their practices to changes that occur over time.

The Client Change Rationale

The warehouse could not deliver orders on time! Over the past years it has been discovered that the warehouse is not capable to pick and deliver orders on time. During high season the warehouse is three to four weeks behind in delivering orders to their privately owned stores.

Content Vision

Arrange the warehouse tasks, service activities and layout into a simple organized structure being the foundation and platform to design and develop a best in class warehousing operation. The warehouse is a macro planned space where one has to understand the warehouse dynamics in greatest detail to proactively manage; inbound, storage and handling and the outbound activities. In other words, one must have a clear understanding of the daily warehouse input, storage and handling and output capacities – to plan, set targets and allocate the warehouse employees with clear roles and responsibilities.

Our Work

Suggest how to transform into best-in-class model warehouse. Find the root causes for why the warehouse is constraint in making deliveries on time according to service delivery standards. Furthermore, make suggestions and design a change plan for how to resolve the issues enabling the warehouse to deliver products on time according to services standards.

TPC-Consulting Core Modules and Content

  • Where are we currently at?
  • Warehouse operational profile
  • Inbound
  • Storage and handling
  • Outbound
  • Transformational change program
  • Measure and monitor key business performances
  • Continuous improvements program


The root causes for the warehouse ineffectiveness were uncovered and they were fixed. This enabled the warehouse to expedite 100% order deliveries on time and according to preset service standards. Improved warehouse efficiencies and effectiveness is the foundation to build continual sales and services strength. Thus, having the right products for the right customers, the sales staff became very energetic resulting in significant and sustainable sales growths on long-term basis.

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