Infrastructure Planning

An infrastructure plan would identify the optimal sales and delivery services sites generally over two to three years.

The Client Change Rationale

The company wants develop a strategic infrastructure to identify the optimal sales and delivery services sites in a particular country over the next two to three years.

Content Vision

To design and develop optimal country infrastructure generally a balance is generated between two factors as follows:

1.Optimal customer service positioned: Be located in the center-of-gravity where the majority of the customers are positioned. Catching the sight of the highest customer demands areas and the greatest outlets density points helps to gain optimal customer services, efficient customer response time and good cost proposition.

2.Optimal cost position: Be located most effectively to drive revenues and value added balanced against cost and risks taking into consideration the next two to ten years impact on economic profit.

The objective is to evaluate the possible alternatives founded on the most effective cost proposition based on three to ten years impact on economic profits. If service sites are selected, then it requires exposing the revenues that can be gained against the incremental costs. The aim is to generate optimal balance between the incremental revenues generated and the cost associated.

Our Work

Develop an infrastructure plan for the country taking into consideration all the underlying factors that lead to generating the optimal solution.

TPC-Consulting Core Modules and Content

The key driving factors

  • Drafting the balanced country infrastructure
  • Sales volumes, revenues and trends
  • Operational cost
  • Capital cost
  • 10 years impact on economic profit


The company was provided with an overview of the potential sites selected and proposed infrastructure plan for the whole county based on 10 year impact on economic profit.

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