Establish B2B – Business to Business

Servicing the B2B customers effectively and efficiently requires building good customer relations and fast response time.

The Client Change Rationale

The company wants to establish Business to Business relationship with new customer service channels. They believe B2B is a great opportunity to grow their business into new arenas (horizontal growth).

Content Vision

Exploiting effective Business to Business is generally uncovered opportunity for many companies. Many world class companies distinct their services systems between retail service systems and B2B service systems. In recent times business to business or B2B awareness is becoming under stronger sales and marketing focus. One of the reasons is that sales organizations understand that new habits are initially learned away from home. Therefore, learning of new consumer usage habits, it helps to know they can most effectively be created in workplaces, schools and other away from home places. Habits then convert into the retail shopping environment resulting in higher pull sales – creating higher brand values and pull powers for the company brand products.

Our Work

Develop a B2B business concept for the away from home market, including; one stop shop approach, brand product mix selection, capital investment in equipment and break-even, rerouting and restructuring, employee role-sort, infrastructure, organizational chart, training and so on.

TPC-Consulting Core Modules and Content

  • Prioritized sales channels
  • One stop shop perceived values
  • Business plan
  • Customer services training plan
  • Measure and monitor key performances


The company is operating their B2B services very successfully and have become market leaders in servicing, work places, schools, public areas, leisure, and restaurant and café channels with “one stop shop” brand product offers.

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