Sales Activation

The more attractive presence at the point-of-purchase the higher sales will occur.

The Client Change Rationale

The Client is opening a new store and wants the layout throughout the store and the store arrangement to exceed shoppers satisfaction levels at the point-of-purchase. The layout and design must build on his others stores successful learnings and reflect the shared stores structural design, standards and principles. The objective is to design a store layout to maximize sales at the point-of-purchase

Content Vision

The shopping experience, signals and messages and the services systems must harmonize into one unified whole to exceed consumer satisfactions having them to buy over and over again. Exceeding consumer expectations means the consumer will come over and over again, and be eager to tell others about their experiences.

Our Work

Develop a store layout and brand category structure by putting yourself into the shopper shoes and mindset, as a guideline for the architectures before they begin to draw the store design. Sales activation is the plan that bridges all the factors into one harmonized structure at the point-of-purchase. Everything communicates and either adds value to the offer or destroys the value offer – there is no neutral proposition.

TPC-Consulting Core Modules and Content

  • The shopper profile
  • The shopping mission and shopper frequency
  • Shopper experiences throughout the store
  • Shopper decision tree
  • Design and develop the Look-of-Success
  • 3D layout drawing


In one year time the store has become one of the highest selling stores within the franchise group.

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