Route to Market to Capture More Sales

Customer and consumer demand at outlet level drives the services systems optimal design and development.

The Client Change Rationale

The Client wants to kick-off a “Rote to Market” pilot process initially in one of his six sales regions. To minimize risks, he wants consequently to pass the learnings from the pilot to the five remaining sales regions by transforming them identically.

The Route to Market and the Services Systems Design Reveal in Great Detail how to Best Service the Customers and Consumers

Content Vision

The objective is to increase outlet penetration in the sales region by systematically finding new not serviced outlets and put them into regular service. Initially, the intended number of new outlets to be added into service in the region is 22 000 outlets. On average each Sales Representative services 840 outlets which requires 26 additional Sales Representatives.

Our Work

Develop a transformational master plan taking into consideration all the critical factors that affect generating the optimal outcome and consequently generate the best resolution that drives long-term profitable revenue growth. Measuring and monitoring the results including training all areas is a fundamental critical success factor.

TPC-Consulting Core Modules and Content

  • Where are we currently at?
  • Design and develop a master transformation plan
  • Market and financial evaluation
  • Evaluate potential growth strategies
  • Formulate and build business concepts
  • Design and develop “Look of Success”
  • Rerouting and restructuring plan
  • Introduction program
  • Transformational training programs
  • Measure and monitor key business performances


With the right management leadership focus, balanced system and the right company culture, the business will be extremely competitive to drive its long-term revenues and profit levels.

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