Redesign Chain of Stores to Accelerate Sales

Consumer and shopper information is the driver in all changes.

The Client Change Rationale

The Client wants to redesign his whole chain of stores (11 stores) taking into consideration how to actively create needs and fulfill demands at the point-of-purchase. Over the past few years his stores have been flat in growth and it is time to start making drastic improvements to drive growth.

Content Vision

Every great business is built on exceeding customer expectations at the point-of-purchase. In outlet standards are designed to pull the brand products out of the outlets by triggering shopper demand at the point-of-purchase. Pre-defined outlet execution standards embrace with every touch point the shoppers interact with the brands products.

Our Work

TPC-Consulting objective was to develop effective “look-of-success” and service systems to attract the consumers and shoppers desired attention at the point-of-purchase. The look-of-success represents the rule and guidelines for how the company wants its product categories and services to be presented at the point-of-purchase. Service systems and execution excellence standards are to communicate clear direction for the service staff responsible, as well as being a foundation to measure execution performance against the standards.

TPC-Consulting Core Modules and Content

The point-of-purchase is defined as the places where the consumers or shoppers make decision to buy or else they pass, without buying. One must bear in mind that the look-of-success and the sales and services systems must be planned as one unified whole. Thus, the look-of-success appearance is sustained by the sales and services systems to guarantee that the most effective look-of-success standards are executed perfectly.

  • The buying process rationale
  • The “look-of-success” – Create needs
  • Category management
  • The sales and services systems – Fulfill demands
  • Outlet planogram drawings
  • Measure and monitor key performances


All the activated stores have been generating double digit growth annually since implementation kick-off. The “look-of-success” has become a part of the selling culture and continual improvements are carried out on a daily basis to drive sales and shopper satisfaction.

In general, all stores that begin focus on in outlet sales activation, as a part of their sales cultures, have proven to deliver large sustainable sales increase from beginning of implementation of their proactive “look-of-success” execution principles.

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