Mastering Winning Strategies

Mastering winning strategies and consequently implement them is one of the greatest values a company can create.

The Client Change Rationale

 The Company has not been growing sufficiently by generating annual sales revenue growth and profit growth on the range of +/- 2% over the last five years. The CEO wants to carry out a massive change process starting with “Rethinking his Company Business Model” through strategic thinking process. He wants to uncover and expose the best-in-class business concepts and strategies then transform them into business reality through innovation change. Moreover, he wants to understand the Company current brand structure to reveal how it is possible, and if it is practical, to simplify his company brand structure. Furthermore, he wants to capitalize on new breakthrough sales opportunities through brand innovation and marketing concepts founded on consumer insight need information. A part of this change process is formulation of the company vision, mission and values statement, development of a winning culture, assess the financial strength and develop organizational capabilities, to strengthen the foundation for the company to change effectively and efficiently.

Mastering Winning Strategies and then Implement them are the greatest values a Company can create, and generally above other business schemes. As a consequence of the strategic thinking framework, a part of this process is to carry out the change transformations that must take place enabling the Company to operate under the best best-in-class; route to market, sales, marketing, services and operations practices –leaving the competitors behind in the competitive business journey.

Content Vision

Challenging status quo comes first, because every business must remain healthy through continual growth. This holistic process entails strengthen the departmental business units of the company to drive competitive advantages enabling the business to grow profitability over the long term. It is a known fact that majority of companies lack the understanding and the overview to generate the optimal strength balance of their total business, by understanding how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together into one integrated whole. One must uncover the weaknesses and gray areas that must be put in optimal strength & balance, knowing that the chain cannot be maid stronger than its weakest link.

Mastering breakthrough winning strategies requires uncovering the core “profit center” of a business, illustrating the hallmarks and focuses where the company is going to compete and make a point-of-difference in creating more values for the consumers, customers and the enterprise. The profit center is the “business essence” that drives competitive advantages through breakthrough innovations which create continuous consumer values, above the competitors offer.

Quote by Leonardo da Vinci; “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else

Our Work

Organizations must be capable of renewing themselves over and over again to sustain and grow their market position – beyond the competitors’ strengths. The question is; how is it possible to guarantee continuous and sustainable growth throughout the ongoing business journey? The answer is embedded in the effort of mastering breakthrough winning strategies that are taken to introduction and execution throughout the organization as a whole. This is basically to secure the whole organization will lead by example guaranteeing it will reach its desired destination through executions of various transformational changes.

TPC-Consulting objective is to help the client to becoming best-in-class marketing, sales, services and operations Company focusing on capturing, creating and fulfilling the ever changing needs of the customer – beyond the competitors offer. This is a holistic process focusing on the core drivers to sustaining and growing the current business by creating continuous improvements of our client´s current and new brands, leveraging their organizational systems strengths. Business principles, concepts and theories are developed to simplify and generate organizational focus on the most important business issues at each time-point in the ongoing journey.

It is for example well known that a company can be successful over the short-term at the cost of long-term gains. Thus, short-term deceptions gains, such as price reductions, price promotions and bulk discount sales, for example, are not put in priority focus anymore.

TPC-Consulting Core Modules and Content

Mastering and implementing breakthrough winning strategies sets into motion the thinking and the planning schemes how a company intends to grow and make its revenues and profits from in its ongoing journey – above the competitors. Mastering and implementing winning strategies must therefore encompass the whole commercial and operations business environment to be taken into the plan. The outcome is formulation of strategic business/master plan that is put to execution and introduction.

  • Where are we currently at, and where do we want to be?
  • Evaluate potential growth strategies
  • How can we get there, what are our strengths and weaknesses
  • What are the core values to get there
  • Develop organizational capabilities
  • Develop “Strategic Master Plan” for the transformational change
  • Introduction and change programs
  • Measure and monitor key business performances


This holistic process has been carried out for few of TPC-Consulting Clients both on a large and smaller scale. On average it takes few years for an organization to leverage the rationale of a new thinking, design an development of a new sales and services systems and processes and new winning cultures and behaviors, into the organizational system strength. Going through this holistic change process, in all circumstances our clients have largely improved their competitive advantages at same time they improved market shares and profits and employee morale and customer satisfaction levels, for example.

Mastering & Implementing Winning Strategies is a holistic process that focuses on creating competitive advantages. These holistic approach assignments followed by implementation of a transformational change have proven to be the most successful for companies in terms of generating profitable sustainable long-term growth. Moreover, the companies have gained decent market shares from their competitors.

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