Design and Develop Strategic Directions

Without introducing unified strategic directions, the employees will take their own road-path.

The Client Change Rationale

The CEO senses that there are missing strategic directions on top level (vision, mission and values). Moreover, he wants to develop stronger integration and collaboration links between the departmental business units. Furthermore, design and develop key performance indicators system providing accountability and alignment to strategic objectives and goals.

Content Vision

Business model strength will most effectively be achieved through a comprehensive understanding of consumer insight needs information and by exploiting the 3Core hallmarks illustrating clearly how the company intends to drive revenues, profits and competitive advantages. The basic is to understand how effectively the organizational readiness has been developed in the past. One must uncover the weaknesses and gray areas that must be put in optimal strength & balance.

If an organization is to be successful then people strength and capability development are the most important asset – only they can make a change successfully happen. Organizational culture consists of people’s combined mind-sets in terms of how they set their minds to things. Therefore, the question becomes how is it possible to develop a cultural-instrument that fosters the core values and focuses leading the whole organization into one singular direction – to create winning cultures and competitive advantages strengths.

Our Work

The objective is in collaboration to formulate effective vision, mission and values statements that demonstrate to the organization as a whole the core winning focuses to drive competitive advantages. Doing it right then vision, mission and values statements are the magic leadership tool promoting continual value creation focuses as being the roadmap for the company to reach its desired destination. The statements must be inspirational, simple and energizing for employees to constantly talk about them, refer to them and live them to create the utmost values, beyond the competitor capabilities. Formulating well groomed vision, mission and values statement is a challenging task, but it has proven to be worth the effort because doing it right it will create winning cultures and stronger competitive advantages. Thus, the company never loses sight of its core purpose for being – triumphing over the pressure and lack of time when running the day-to-day business.

TPC-Consulting Core Modules and Content

  • Where are we currently at, and where do we want to be?
  • Evaluate potential growth strategies
  • How can we get there, what are our strengths, weaknesses
  • What are the core values to get there
  • Develop organizational capabilities
  • Introduction program
  • Change programs
  • Measure and monitor key business performances


With the right management leadership focus, balanced system and the right company culture, the companies going through this process have become extremely competitive to drive its long-term revenues and profit levels. Over few years time they have become stronger market players through gained market shares and increased their competitive advantages.

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