Design and Develop Look-of-Success Standards

The look-of-success standards have proven to be an effective tool to drive superior sales performances.

The Client Change Rationale

The Company operates with 1202 route salesmen and wants to design and develop a practical “look-of-success” execution standards for their sales team. The “look-of-success” standards demonstrate how the company wants its brand products presented in the market place and is also a tool for measuring sales and services performances at the point-of-purchase.

Content Vision

To ensure maximum sales effectiveness from the retail outlets then it is essential to develop practical outlet development standards (manual) that demonstrates to the sales force successful examples of the best-in-class sales activation schemes. The Market Development Manual is an effective tool that helps the sales team to put emphasis on the key marketing concepts that drive sales and profit, through a vast focus on pull-sales “out of the outlets”. The outlet standards are channel centric and developed based on outlet channel needs – demonstrating the appropriate; package sizes, space requirement, equipment, prices and communication materials, for example. After introducing the look-of-success then the salesman core objective is to sell-in and execute the look-of-success. Moreover, maintain it in every worthy outlet.

Our Work

The look-of-success generally consists of four core planning elements, which are then designed and developed as a standard setup for each prioritized channel. The standard planning elements for each prioritized channel segments are: Outlet plan-o-gram that demonstrates the hot-spots and the best product location in the outlet based on the shopper traffic flow through the outlet channel. The brand and product portfolio that presents the minimum brand product assortment recommendation (SKU’s) that is being offered for that channel. The equipment, racks and display types that help drive sales for that particular channel. Finally, but not the least the communications, signals and messages material that create sales demand and drives ease of shopping at the point-of-purchase, for that channel.

TPC-Consulting Core Modules and Content

Introduction of a market development manual demonstrate for all participants how to maximize outlet traffic, revenues and profits through a win-win concept.

The channel specific standards are designed as follows:

  • General merchandising principles
  • Outlet planogram design
  • Brand and product portfolio
  • Equipment, racks and display types
  • Communications, signals and messages
  • How to measure and monitor sales performances


Experience has shown that companies that design and develop execution standards for their sales team increase sales by 7% – 28% in the outlets that have been activated (developing markets). Thus, it is important to activate all outlets in service with the “look-of-success” standard. The sales benefits are in correlation with, what stages each market is in; established, developing or emerging market.

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