Establish Centralized Customer Service Center

Business evolves over time and higher number of customers appreciate using new technologies to save time and increase service accuracy.

The Client Change Rationale

The company operates sales and services facilities in 32 depots spread evenly throughout the country. Currently all the 32 sales depots are answering customer requests through their local connection channels. The company wants to establish a centralized customer service center enabling the customers to call a toll-free 800 number to get the most effective and efficient resolutions to their requests. Centralized CSC is considered to generate many advantages for the customers enabling professional services of the inbound calls.

From the 32 sales depots it is estimated there will be generated 5000 inbound calls by day to the CSC and 34000 outlets are currently in telesales generating 6800 outbound telesales calls on average by day. Furthermore, the company operates with 252 Route Salesmen in the 32 sales depots generating nationally 7600 active sales calls by day.

Content Vision

A part of the technology evolution is that the contact points have shifted over to more effective and efficient alternatives. In the past a face-to-face contact was considered the ultimate way to provide optimal customer services. In the early 80’s use of phone contact was considered unprofessional and ineffective to build customer relations. Since then we have witnessed technology evolution and the face-to-face contact has shifted over to professional state-of-the-art telephone services contacts.

The Customer Service Center is generally structured around the customer call types which are defined as; outbound and inbound call types. The call types require different process solving and there are also different technologies and skills required to provide the most effective customer resolutions. It is common that customers prefer phone contact at the same time smaller customer groups prefer Internet, SMS, EDI, or e-mail contact. To meet customer requests the customer service center must operate with the suitable contact channels to professionally handle all these multiple contact methods.

The single most important service value is when customers have easy access to empowered service contact that can generate fast resolutions to their requests.

Our Work

Help the company to establish professional Customer Service Center proactively handling all the outbound and inbound calls. This includes; customer service center room and space setup, technical and supporting tool setup, role definition, service level agreements (SLA´s), process mapping and training, to name few.

TPC-Consulting Core Modules and Content

Systematic customer care focuses on generating unified customer resolution that builds and drives customer satisfaction, customer retention and cost reduction. The objective is also to capture relevant information by listening and learning from customer experiences, doing business with the company.

  • Geographical responsibility and role sort overview
  • Outbound calls handling
  • Inbound calls handling
  • Customer care – call categories
  • Telesales selling focus and contact links
  • Key performance indicator dashboard


The company has much better access to information, communication, and product ordering through establishing centralized customer service center.

The learning has been that the professional customer service center has generated competitive advantages by systematically listening to the customers experience with the objective to eliminate all defects out of the sales and services system. Business evolves over time and higher number of customers appreciate using new technologies to save time and increase service accuracies.

Frequent face to face visit are still considered quite important to sustain the in outlet position.

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