Consumer Insight

Consumer/user insight understanding helps expose new needs and trends ahead of the competitors.

The Client Change Rationale

Many of TPC-Consulting Clients want to uncover new insight trends to recognize the key factors that will affect their business the most in the future and then to assess how they could shape the business over the long-term.

It is for example worth to keep in mind that sales can rabidly decline due to unfavorable external market factors and trends. It is therefore fundamental to clarify current performances and future trends in a market.

Content Vision

Being preferred above the competitor’s offer, consumer insight information is the foundation for discovering new relevant business opportunities that drive competitive advantages. Consumer insight information helps to unlock new breakthrough sales opportunities through new “ah-ha” discoveries. The discoveries are the foundation for making accurate decisions to improve the brand product and service offer. The consumer insight analysis is focused on improving the brand and service offer to further increase consumer satisfaction.

Revealing consumer insight trends is an analytical process to understand, evaluate and put weight on the current and the future business opportunities. Foremost to discover the target focus groups key behaviors and observations with the objective to turn consumer insight information into new breakthrough business opportunities.

Our Work

Consumer Insight is to study information to generate preeminent external market understanding to unlock new business opportunities. Often the information’s are put into geographical context and consequently into customer categories or customer channel framework within a geographical context. Merging the market information with customer trade channels information is often named “market mapping”.

TPC-Consulting Core Modules and Content

Consumer insight is mapping out the consumer needs and trends that are relevant and can impact sales and growth of the company brand products. The objective is to fully understand consumer insight and turn new information into growth opportunities through  brand innovation while leveraging organizational system strengths.

  • Market nature and effectiveness analysis
  • Consumer insight (day in a life)

The objective is spotting out the “critical one” ah-ha opportunity that is both differentiating and relevant and in the size scale that makes it rational to capitalize on new brand improvements. Consumer insight reveals who the potential target consumers are? What they do? Who buy’s? What and when they buy? Why they buy and what they like and dislike about the company and competitors products?


The consumer insight systematic approach has helped companies to uncover new consumer needs and trends information selectively aimed to improve the brand and service offer. Through the consumer insight analysis the companies have generated better understanding for how their brands and services interact with consumer needs. The consumer insight analysis has helped companies being ahead of competition to exploit new consumer needs and trends information.

Breakthrough brand and services innovations will help drive long-term sales by adding more values to the brand product offer.

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