Business Planning

The most effective transformation is when companies facilitate a change through practical business planning practices.

The Client Change Rationale

The Company has never in its history gone through any formal departmental business planning process. Business planning has been carried out in the way that finance department has developed an annual plan based on previous year performances and growth estimation for the upcoming year. The CEO wants the core departmental units (sales, marketing and operations) to participate in the planning and thus make the organization more hands on, enabling the departments to deliver the company annual targets and goals.

The ABP spans a period of three up to ten years. The ABP incorporates growth projection, revenues, profits, costs, marketing initiatives, brand product innovation and the resources and investments involved to reach the desired destination. The ABP illustrates all the details how the company is going to operate and make its profits and revenues from.

Content Vision

The organizational culture has to be founded on solid framework and disciplines. High performing companies have clear vision, superior leadership and both short-term and long-term strategies. The high level business targets are clear, aggressive but realistic and adjusted regularly based on market situational structure and change needs each time. Employees feel the sense of urgency to change and have developed the organizational capabilities to facilitate a change all the way through to execution. The organization consists of few organizational layers with clear sense of urgencies. Full accountabilities are then fostered down to the lowest levels within the organization, founded on clear role-sorts and job descriptions. Strategic marketing is set under the highest focus and the consumers and customer services are in centre of all thinking. There is open cross-functional access between departments and business units enhancing right sense of urgency cultures which reduces complacency cultures. Employees get paid for performance and all departments have separate P&L targets (profit and loss). The key business indicators dashboard is constantly being reviewed, measured and tracked against the actual performances. The culture, behaviors and management methods must be appraised annually through a firm performance management process. High performing company leaders deliver the business targets with high confident levels.

Our Work

Help the company and the departmental business units to design and develop best-in-class business planning process that will be formally introduced and approved by the board of directors.

TPC-Consulting Core Modules and Content

  • Where are we at!
  • Mastering winning strategies
  • Rethink your business model
  • Strategic marketing
  • Develop strategic business plan
  • Business unit pursuit for excellence
  • The BP presentation and approval process

Formulating a business planning process for the first time is the most difficult. Learning and experience has proven it takes two to three years to engrave best-in-class business planning process and winning cultures into the organizational cultures.


The company is carrying out the annual business planning process as a part of their normal practices. The target and goal numbers are being delivered thanks to the aggressive and realistic targets and goal the company is growing sales and profit above its competitors.

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