A Master Plan – How To Get To Where We Want To Be!

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A master plan outlines the pathway how the company is going to go where it wants to be, by transforming changes which create competitive advantages.

Most transformational changes are designed a Master plan (strategic transformation plan).  A good reason to change helps to builds the right team effort by aligning and integrating all involved to one unified collaboration process.

The Master plan is the communication bridge showing why we must change, what we are going to do, and where we want to be!  The master plan outlines the facts, information, the processes and the credible recommendations how the company gets to where it wants to be.

A Master Plan:

  • Is the roadmap to get to where we want to be.
  • Explains why we must change and the benefits why we are doing it.
  • Shows how to submit the change to the organization.
  • Is the plan that can be taken to implementation and execution.
  • Is the communication bridge between the top management and the departmental and business unit managers.
  • Outlines the facts, information, the processes and the credible paths how a company intends to reach its targets and goals.
  • Change must enhance a fact based communication between all participants working in collaboration to make the change successful.
  • Communicates clear directions as well as a way to measure performance.
  • Success will ultimately be measured by how proactively the changes are transformed as becoming the organization regular day-to-day practices, disciplines and processes.

Everything in the plan must harmonize in time of transformational change, one must understand that it is not possible to execute one part of the plan and do away with execution of another part.

-Everything connects with everything else.

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