Brand Building

One must understand the brands before building them.

The Client Change Rationale

As a consequence of many previous mergers and acquisitions the CEO understands the company must go through comprehensive brand assessment to build the brand values accurately and systematically over time. It has been recognized that several current brands are direct competitors generating sales cannibalization affects. The CEO wants to understand what each brand product stands for, enabling the company to build each brand product correctly, through brand innovation, which must be within the strict framework of what the brand promise stands for. The focus must be put on the core brands and if it is necessary then the brands occurring sales cannibalization affects must be delisted or the brand priority downgraded.

Content Vision

If the brands perceived values are not constantly kept vigorous, through brand innovations that add new value features to the offer, giving people more reasons to buy, the competitor will do it for you and your brands will grow weaker.

Brands are different in their structural design and in all aspects of capturing, creating and fulfilling needs. Therefore, the approach of how to build them also differentiates. To understand brand values is complex and requires systematic approach to demonstrate accurately what the “brand promise” stands for. If the brands are not continually developed in association with what the “brand promise” stands for, the consumers/end users will be confused and they will then simply stop buying the brand. Therefore, it is crucial to over and over again, exceed consumer expectations by continually build the brands through persistent brand innovations and aligned with the “brand promise” statement.

Our Work

The principal rule is; one has to understand the brand values in greatest detail before building them. This can best be accomplished by constructing first the brand portfolio dynamics by mapping the brand architecture, for the company as a whole. And moreover, one must declare what each brand stands for within the entire brand architecture. In general, the brand architecture must be exposed before the strategic marketing plan is developed. Then when the brand architecture and declaration of what the brands stand for, the marketing strategy; consumer insight, brand innovation and the market activation scheme can be developed. The brand value process is a part of a greater picture, founded on mapping the brand architecture and declaring the brand positioning and declaring the brand promise. Profiling the brand values detail guarantees maximum effectiveness of the strategic marketing plan.

TPC-Consulting Core Modules and Content

  • Brand equity
  • Brand positioning
  • Map the brand architecture
  • Brand positioning (the brand essence)
  • The brand promise statement

One must understand their brand values before building them. A well positioned brand attracts as a consumer-magnet to gain more share of a market. Brand position definition is a combination of the mind set, feelings, believes and the attitudes consumers have for a brand.

To unlock new breakthrough sales opportunities through brand innovation will require detail understanding of what the brand promise stands for; the brand positioning, the USP and the target focus groups. Marketers use various methods to innovate and build their brands to capture, create and fulfill new consumer needs, above the competitors offer. Reason to buy one particular brand above another is associated with several rational and emotional factors, which are embraced with the brand values and the service offer. Therefore, it is essential to obtain full understanding for how the brand values can continually be developed stronger over time, aligned with the framework of what the “brand promise” stands for.


The Company has acquired deep knowledge and understanding of their brand positioning and architecture. The brand product insight information help understand a need for; brand innovation,  price changes, development and design of advertising and activation programs through understanding in great detail what the current brands promise stand for.

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